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Help us revolutionise the Female Outdoor Clothing Market!

ACAI offers outdoor clothing designed and focused on women with a contemporary flare in mind; specifically tailored Skinny Outdoor Trousers that combine style with high performance. We offer an alternative product and choice for women who previously had to resort to mens or even boys outdoor walking trousers. We now need Your help in order to provide exactly what our customers have asked for, which is expanding our product and size range and making sure our best selling products are well stocked!

Over 13,000 orders sent Worldwide
Over 13,000 orders sent worldwide since launch on 14th Feb '17 (limited by stock availability)

Over 2 million unique visitors
Over 2.2 million unique website visitors since launch on 14th Feb '17

2606% Growth
2606% growth from Year 1 to Year 3

ACAI Traction

ACAI has grown from a dream, into a profitable business on track to turn over £450k in its second year of trading. Since our launch in February 2017 we have attracted a huge number of women eager for a product that meets their specific needs in the outdoors. This is evidenced by over 2 million unique visitors to our website in the first 17 months of trading with over 13, 000 orders sent to happy customers, which have only been limited by stock availability. ACAI has experienced 2606% growth between year 1 and year 3, fuelled by own sales revenue. Advertising the Skinny Outdoor Trousers on social media alone has generated over 157,000 clicks and sold over 7,000 units, which is on average 90% sell through rate of all the stock we were able to purchase. Out of all Shopify stores launched on the same week as ACAI (14th February 2017) ACAI is in the top 1% in terms of website traffic. Our list of high quality and extremely receptive email subscribers has grown from 0 to over 20,000 in the first 17 months of trading. One email is currently able to generate between £5k to £11k worth of sales revenue in the space of 24 hours and our return customer rate is 25%.

80 - 100% Sell - Through
80 - 100% sell - through of our main product - Skinny Outdoor Trousers

2.93% Sales Conversion
Above average sales conversion rates. Average conversion rates in Apparel & Accessories is 1.1%.

Top 1% of Shopify Stores
Top 1% of Shopify Stores launched at the same time as ACAI in terms of volume of traffic.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionise and modernise the face of the global female outdoor - wear market, by offering more contemporary outdoor apparel designed specifically with the female body in mind. Our goal is to become the Levis of the Outdoor Apparel Market.

We will empower women in the outdoors and play a pivotal role in encouraging more more women to spend time in the great outdoors all over the World.

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