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Hikes Handpicked By You

by Sarah Booth |  | 17 comments

A selection of hikes chosen by you - our valued ACAI customers and followers.

How To Hiking Guide - Getting Physically and Mentally Fit

by Sarah Booth |  | 14 comments

This month’s edition of our How To Hiking Guide focuses on ways that you can physically and mentally prepare for your hikes so that you are ready to tackle the longer miles, steeper terrain and more remote destinations.

Stargazing for Beginners

by Sarah Booth |  | 2 comments

For many of us town and city dwellers, the city lights obliterate all but the brightest of stars, meaning we become disconnected from what goes on above our heads. But stargazing is something that is in our DNA, a culture that stretches back to the beginnings of human civilisation and one that we want to bring back!

How To Hiking Guide - Helping Sistas Avoid Blisters

by Sarah Booth |  | 17 comments

We're on a mission to reduce blisters for all sistas as they head out on their hiking adventures across the globe. There is nothing more annoying and painful than being affected by the throb of a blister that if left untreated, can become an open wound threatening to bring your hike to an abrupt end. 

A Week of Camp Stove Cooks

by Sarah Booth |  | 2 comments

Across the nation lofts and garages are being turned upside down in an attempt to find tents, stoves, pegs, chairs, tables and shoe storage cupboards!  Yes, it's time to go camping and to help you get organised we are taking care of the most important thing of all...your food.  Welcome to your week of camp stove cooks.  6 tasty, nutritious,...

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