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How To Hiking Guide - Essential Gear for the Ifs and Buts

by Sarah Booth |

I recently learnt from experience that packing for a hike should really mean packing for when things could potentially go wrong! There’s the obvious essentials like food and water, an extra layer, map and your mobile phone but what about essentials for when things don’t quite go according to plan?

Cargo Skinny Outdoor Trousers

by Sarah Booth |

Your comments and notifications went wild when we launched our brand new Cargo MAX Stretch Trousers on social media this week.  Here's a deeper insight into the newest addition to the ACAI collection.

Women Only Activity Holidays

by Sarah Booth |

Women only holidays are increasing in popularity, with more choice than ever before. Whether you are seeking a hen weekend packed with adventure, or solo escapades to make new friends in new places; the choice is vast. We’ve unpacked a few of our favourites to help inspire your holiday plans.

How To Hiking Guide - Navigation Skills

by Sarah Booth |

Whilst well-trodden trails are the best place to start, a desire to veer off into the relative unknown is an inevitable part of being a hiker!

How To Hiking Guide - Choosing Your Routes

by Sarah Booth |

Your gear is packed, your rucksack is full of your favourite foods, and you are raring to get out there…but where to? In this month’s installment of ACAI’s How To Hiking Guide we look at how to choose the best trails for you as you get yourself started.

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