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When Life Gives You Crap, Use it to Make a Garden

by Sarah Booth |  | 10 comments

When life gives you crap, use it to make a garden! Whether you have a plot of land, a balcony or windowsill; growing herbs, flowers, plants and vegetables help give you a sense of purpose and wellbeing – something that we need in spadesful right now! You can get started with a shed full of tools or a spoon from...

Celebrating Women Outdoors - International Women's Day 2020

by Sarah Booth |

International Women's Day 2020 focuses on #EachforEqual, forging gender equality across the world.  To honour women in the outdoor arena, we asked some of our ACAI Ambassadors to share their experience of gender equality in the outdoors and what actions they are taking to raise awareness against bias and forge change.

How To Hiking Guide - Graduating to a Thru Hike

by Sarah Booth |

A Thru Hike is basically a hike where you hike for more than one day, following a trail that takes you from point A to point B!  On the one hand they can be challenging, tough and a true test of your mental and physical capability.  On the other, rewarding, transformative and an opportunity to discover that you are made...

ACAI's Outdoor Christmas Countdown

by Sarah Booth |

December is here and Christmas is approaching fast!  This time of year should be filled with love, joy and celebration.  However, for many of us it ends up being busy, stressful and pressurised.  To keep the festive spirit alive, we've created an alternative way to countdown to Christmas, packed with outdoor activities, fun, treats and time to chill.   

How To Hiking Guide - Walking in the White Stuff

by Sarah Booth |  | 10 comments

When it comes to hiking, cold temperatures, dark evenings and general wintertime lethargy quite literally stops people in their tracks. However, the benefits of heading out in snowy landscapes often out weigh the initial discomfort of leaving your heated homes, and can leave you feeling exhilarated and alive. Here are our Top 3 motivations to help you continue hiking throughout...

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