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Perseverance, Positivity and Podcasts with Sarah Williams

by Sarah Booth |

One of the first things that Sarah Williams said to me was, "if you can't see it, you can't be it" and this powerful statement succinctly sums up the mission to which Sarah has dedicated the last 5 years of her life.  As founder of the award winning Podcast 'Tough Girl Challenges' Sarah has turned the spotlight on women adventurers...

5 Online Communities for Outdoor Women

by Sarah Booth |

As women embark on adventures big and small they are banding together in groups to share their experiences, advice, support and motivation creating amazing online communities dedicated to encouraging each other to get out in the great outdoors.We have picked what we think are 5 best online communities and blogs for you to join and start sharing your own passion...

Transition From Tarmac to Trails

by Sarah Booth |

As 2019 rolls in, so do our commitments to get fit! Many of these commitments involve people tying up their trainers and hitting the streets to start running. However, we are noticing a growing number of people opting to go off-road – to run in nature and embrace routes that are a bit more unruly and unpredictable.

Thermal Leggings Launch

by Sarah Booth |

ACAI has revolutionised the world of Skinny Outdoor Trousers; it’s now time to revolutionise the world of Thermal Leggings! Welcome to our brand new ACAI Thermal Leggings offering outdoor sports-enthusiasts warmth, comfort, breathability and style.

How To Hiking Guide - 5 Reasons to Start

by Sarah Booth |  | 1 comment

For many of you, hiking is either something that you are already doing and want to get better at, or a new challenge that you want to embark upon. With that in mind, we are super excited to be launching our ‘How To Hiking Guide’ where over the next 12 months we will share with you valuable information about how...

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