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Posts tagged: mindset

6 ways to find the courage to follow your dreams

by Kasia Bromley |

6 ways to find the courage to follow your dreams The world is a scary place. And whilst we no longer cower from thunderstorms or fear the dragons that lurk over the horizon – today we have our own, much more personal fears that stop us from achieving our career dreams. Perhaps it’s a fear of being laughed at for...

Be Unapologetically You

by Kasia Bromley |

Be Unapologetically You When was the last time you danced with the abandonment of a child, allowed yourself to dream about what you really want to be or felt completely relaxed in a social situation because you were being unequivocally you? “I am who I am, and who I am needs no excuses.”  We’ve heard...

When it all goes t*ts up!

by Kasia Bromley |

What’s your game plan when it all goes t*ts up You are mooching along in life, doing your best.  Trying to succeed whilst juggling work, home and health, when BOOM, it all comes crashing down around you.   That moment of heartbreak when you thought everything was going to be ok, you were on...

You’ve Got to See it to Believe it!

by Kasia Bromley |

Have you ever been told that if you are going to get the results you want you are going to have to visualise it?   We have recently worked with Team GB athletes quite a bit and it has got us thinking, we are all so full of potential so what is it that is holding us back? We have talked...

How to Adapt to and Overcome Your Fitness Challenges

by Chris Mennens |

Several challenges often arise on the journey to attaining your ultimate fitness goals especially for the active women on the go. Some of these challenges often include low morale, injuries, lack of interest, strength, self-consciousness, complacence, indiscipline, time, work or even family. Whatever the case is, as an active woman, if you are determined, there are several ways to put...

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