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Girl Power, Friendship, Adventure - ACAI's Skinny Outdoor Trouser Collection

by Sarah Booth |  | 2 comments

Girl Power, Friendship, Adventure

Posted at 09:00 - 8th March - Sarah Booth

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the diversity, beauty and strength of women across the globe - the perfect day to launch our Skinny Outdoor Trousers Collection.


We understand that women come in a magnificent range of shapes and sizes and want our trousers to reflect this diversity. By providing a wide choice of sizes and colours we hope to bring all women together in the name of friendship and adventure, and help them feel empowered in the outdoors.

"Our trousers retain their original features of being shower proof, mud proof and rip resistant."

Our trousers retain their original features of being shower proof, mud proof and rip resistant. The breathable, 4-way stretch material, will fit to your curves and meet the physical demands of your outdoor activities allowing you to step out with style and confidence.


The difference is that you can now choose a trouser that better suits your size and shape; from petite, tall, regular and curve; leg lengths 27-33” and UK sizes 6-22.


Not only have we improved our sizing, we also offer five colours themed on the outdoors - Khaki, Blue, Grey, Brown and Black - as well as a BRAND NEW mid weight Granite Trouser that fits seamlessly between the lighter weight MAX Stretch and the Winter Thermal Trousers. The Granite Trouser also benefits from the addition of a Teflon coating, which repels unwanted stains.

We are continuously inspired by the comments and feedback from our incredible community of women, and have taken these on board to ensure our trousers celebrate and support the diversity of your bodies.


Our promise is to continue pushing the boundaries of women’s outdoor wear so that you can focus on using your strength, ambition and determination to push the boundaries of your own adventures.

Comments (2)

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