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Grow Your Own Salad Bowl

by Sarah Booth |  | 8 comments

Healthy, perfect for summer and super easy to grow.  What's not to love about salad?!  Here's some top tips on growing your own salad bowl.

Finding Our New Normal

by Sarah Booth |  | 14 comments

Spring has always been associated with new life, hope, brighter skies and a gateway to the pleasure of summer. This year has certainly been a spring we’ll never forget, a settling into a new and very different life. A life that contains fear, uncertainty and grief, but also hope, community, the strengthening of bonds and a moment to pause and...

Growing in Small Spaces

by Sarah Booth |  | 16 comments

Gardening is something that’s available to everybody; no matter where you live or how much space you have access to. If you can find soil, compost (now available in most supermarkets), something to put them both in, water and direct sunlight…you’re good to grow!

Have Fun Growing Your Own Vegetables

by Kasia Bromley, ACAI Co - Founder and Creative Director |  | 8 comments

Tips on how to start your own vegetable patch. Let's dig, sow and grow but most of all, let's have fun with it, and enjoy the beautiful nature, especially at this time of the year when everything is coming back to life. Now is the perfect time to plant your seeds ready for harvesting throughout the year.

Join us for Ground Dog Day!

by Sarah Booth |  | 6 comments

We want you to share all the inventive ways you are helping your dog to stay fit, healthy and 'pawsative' through lock down!

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