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ACAI's Adventure Towards Sustainability

by Sarah Booth |  | 6 comments

ACAI is committed to providing high quality outdoor trousers and accessories for women that offer incredible style, fit and performance. Part of our commitment to our customers is ensuring our products are made with as little environmental impact as possible.

How To Hiking Guide - Winter Navigation Skills

by Sarah Booth |  | 6 comments

Earlier this year we published a blog to help you with your summer navigation skills. As winter edges closer, the risks and hazards of hiking significantly increase.  To help you, we've compiled some top tips to keep you safe when you head out into the wintery hills.

World Mental Health Day - How Hiking Can Improve Your Mental Health

by Sarah Booth |  | 6 comments

Many people have experienced the connection between hiking and happiness. However, it now seems that the benefits to your mental health can be scientifically proven. Today is World Mental Health Day, and to celebrate, we wanted to highlight the ways that hiking can improve your mental well being.

How To Hiking Guide - Stay Cosy Sleeping Outdoors

by Sarah Booth |  | 8 comments

Winter camping brings much happiness. Fresh, crisp mornings, deserted campsites, shy wildlife and winter evergreens. However, the chilly nights can soon bring all that happiness to an icy end! To ensure your winter well-being, we have compiled a list of top tips to stay warm whilst sleeping outdoors.

Hikes Handpicked By You

by Sarah Booth |  | 7 comments

A selection of hikes chosen by you - our valued ACAI customers and followers.

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